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Find out what your home is worth in 2019!
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Here’s How it Works: 

1. We will prepare a total market analysis including a computerized print-out of all comparable home sales and listings in your area.

2. With this information we will determine a market value for your home.

3. This will allow you to confidently look for your next home and immediately place a firm offer when you find a home you like because you know the minimum that your home should sell for. 

4. Remember, not all agents are alike and you should consider only those that can offer you the most innovative marketing plan available to ensure that your needs are completely and properly met.

This is a TOTALLY FREE service. You are never obligated to buy or sell with us. Call, text, or email us today or visit us online at
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Offer Valid: December 27, 2018March 31, 2019
The West Metro Chamber

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John Rush, Pressed 4 Time

“My “green” dry cleaning delivery service has been a long-standing Chamber member for years. The West Metro Chamber offers the most friendly, rewarding and empowering experience, where friendships and referrals are formed and multiplied.”

John Rush, Pressed 4 Time