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Offer Valid: 08/05/2019 - 09/15/2019
You don't need to continue to suffer from anxiety
We all work too hard, don't think we have enough time, worry about what we should have done and didn't. There doesn't seem to be any work-life balance, a lot of the time.  Life doesn't need to be this way.

It's not healthy for you, and it's certainly not healthy for your business.

Join me and thirteen other presenters for a virtual Virtual Summit on Anxiety & Overwhelm were we give you tips and information on what is causing your anxiety and how in just five minutes a day you can begin the journey of shifting your anxiety levels.

It's not a 'Quick Fix' approach, because there isn't one.  The presenters are your peers.  They've each had their own struggles with anxiety and overwhelm, so speak to you from their own experience.

Register for the Anxiety & Overwhelm Virtual Summit now and save $50 off the price. Valid until 15 September.

The Summit material will become fully accessible on September 16 and each day up to the 20th. Then after the Summit ends you have full anytime access to come back and review the materials, download the free materials provided and to revisit any of the sessions that resonated with you.

This is a Summit you can attend in your own time. 

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Jason Newell, Farmers Insurance

“When I transitioned careers into Insurance, I needed to expand my network fast.  The West Metro Chamber has allowed me to quickly grow my network through their events.  I’ve been able to establish great referral partnerships within the chamber while simultaneously be introduced to new individuals at every event I attend.  I center my prospecting efforts around the activities the chamber puts on each month.  Joining the West Metro Chamber has accelerated my business growth.”

Jason Newell, Farmers Insurance